At Buffalo Ridge Builders, we constantly raise the bar, think big, anticipate client needs, and never stop learning. We earn our reputation one project at a time by delivering what we promise — each detail, every project, every time. We take responsibility for our work and value our ability to honor our commitments.

Before Each Project

Every project is different, and every client has concerns that are unique. We are able to work under a wide array of contractual arrangements to provide the services that match the needs of a project. For our clients who choose to involve us early in their projects (such as the design phase), we offer a complete set of pre-construction services that allow us to define costs, identify areas where savings are possible through a process called Value Engineering, and focus resources to ensure that we complete the project within the budget and scope.

We can provide all of the following for Preconstruction:

  • Project Value Engineering

  • Project Scheduling

  • Communication with Regulating Bodies

  • Pre-Bid Subcontractor / Supplier Procurement

  • Detailed Construction Cost Estimates

  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Commitment To Safety

Making safety a priority is a foundation for success within each project and helps fortify relationships with everyone involved.

A safe workforce and a safe job site are paramount to ensuring that each project stays within scope and budget. We want everyone that steps onto our sites to feel safe and to leave each site the way that they entered it. This includes ensuring that our partners and subcontractors have the space and a well-organized site that they need to get the job done.