Quality isn’t just in the materials and craft, it’s also in sharing relevant knowledge and expertise before construction begins and throughout the project. “Good” isn’t good enough. We strive for excellence. We deliver on time, and on budget. How do we do this? Our success begins and ends with our approach to planning, scheduling, and choosing the right team for each project.

What it means to be a General Contractor

Quality is not reactive but is a planned process embedded into each phase of a construction project. We aim for operational excellence through continuous improvement within all of our deliverables.

Buffalo Ridge Builders constructs residential buildings, commercial buildings, and custom remodels. We provide design, project supervision, and technical expertise for an array of project types.

As a general contractor, we take responsibility for the daily supervision of the construction site as well as the management of vendors and additional contractors. We do this by maintaining an open line of communication between all parties for the duration of the project.

If needed, we can be instrumental in the design and engineering phase of a project, which includes; application for building permits, development of project scope and schedules, and assisting architects and engineering firms when solving potential concerns that may arise.

We maintain strict quality control over every job, big or small. Our clients know they can count on us to get the work done promptly and on budget. We have the ability and experience, as well as the cutting-edge technology and equipment to ensure a successful building experience.

We provide each client with the highest quality product, in the shortest amount of time, and with the best customer service. We also maintain a high level of safety and a very low incidence of work related injuries.

Our direct experience includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Design and Engineering

    • Complete BIM (Building Information Modeling)

    • Ability to produce and edit project renderings

    • Extensive background working through the Value Engineering process with project design teams

  • Project Management

    • Schedule of full project scope

    • Communication between vendors, contractors, governing bodies, owners, etc.

    • Maintaining a clean, organized and safe worksite

    • Understanding of building requirements and standards

    • Apply for all building permits required for each project

    • Keep accurate records of the project throughout

  • Excavation

  • Building Erection

    • Framing, Timber Framing, Log Framing, Pole Buildings, Metal Buildings

  • Siding

    • Metal, Masonry, Wood, Cement

  • Roofing

    • Comp, Flat/Membrane, Metal

  • Interior Finish Work & Carpentry

  • Concrete & Asphalt

    • per ADA, City Standards

  • Steel Fabrication

  • Landscaping & Landscape Design

  • Exterior property structures